Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Secretary Desk

Well, I found this little secretary desk, in all it's 1970's brown laminate color.  But it was just begging to come home with me.  It was just so cute and I had a what can I she is in the driveway, I forgot to get a picture before I took off all her battered up knobs and pulls. 

So after deciding what color...Lord that is the hardest part...the color!  But I had found the awesome yellow that I painted my bookcase a few months back and I really thought the two would go nicely together....first a coat of black and then the yellow...a little distressing that really doesn't show up too well in this picture..but I honestly love how it turned out.  And it will be for sale at the Antique picks and Crafty Chicks event in November.  Oh..unless I decide it should stay right here with me!

Have a darned good week!

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