Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chicken Wire Cloche

Oh..well you  know my sister Kayla is so talented.  She can decorate like nobodies business!  And on very little money too...she is the Garage Sale Queen and gets the best deals ever!  I wish we lived closer so we could garage sale together!  Anyway I digress..LOL.  She sent me some pictures out of a magazine that she has...Oh..that's another thing she has more magazines than Carter has little pills!  I love to go to her is gigantic by the way...and sit and read her magazines and get cool ideas.

So...she sent me this picture of a chicken wire cloche..and you know I have chickens and wire and chicken wire too.  And this morning when I went to feed the horses well there was this roll of chicken wire and I just HAD to try it...there I was at Dark Thirty sitting out there just playing with Chicken Wire and the horses were not very happy that I was AGAIN distracted before feeding them breakfast..sorry girls!

Here it version of a Chicken Wire Cloche....with a little birdie tucked safely away inside.

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